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11 Jan 2020: Amy Simon (GSFC)
The Mysteries of the Ice Giants

14 Dec 2019: Larry Nittler (CIW)
A Cometary Fossil Inside an Asteroidal Meteorite

9 Nov 2019: Antonio Paris (Center for Planetary Science)
360: Lava Tubes on Mars: Leveraging Volcanic Features to Reduce Exposure to Radiation, (3D)

12 Oct 2019: Duilia F. de Mello (CUA)
Interacting Galaxies and Blue Blobs, (3D)

14 Sep 2019: Carrie M. Anderson (GSFC)
NASA Cassini's 13-year Journey in the Saturn System

11 May 2019: Noel Klingler (Penn State)
The Winds and Nebulae of Pulsars

13 Apr 2019: Noam R. Izenberg (JHUAPL
Optimized Broadband Colors for Discriminating Earth-like Exoplanets

9 Feb 2019: Elizabeth Ferrara (UMd, GSFC)
Using Pulsar Timing Arrays to Detect Supermassive Black Hole Mergers

12 Jan 2019: Dean Howarth and Rachel O'Connell
An Interview with Einstein

8 Sep 2018: Erik Blaufuss (UMD)
High Energy Neutrinos Detected by the IceCube Neutrino Observatory

10 Feb 2018: Brett Denevi (JHUAPL)
The New Moon, (3D)

13 Jan 2018: Dean Howarth and Rachel O'Connell
An Evening with Isaac Newton

9 Dec 2017: Mario Gliozzi (GMU)
Black Holes at All Scales: An X-Ray View

11 Nov 2017: Alexander van der Horst (GWU)
Hunting for Jets in the Radio Sky

9 Sep 2017: Michael F. Corcoran (CUA, GSFC)
The Lives and Deaths of Extremely Massive Stars, (3D)

14 Jan 2017: Dean Howarth and Jeffrey Jones (Natural Philosophers & Educators)
Kepler Debates Tycho: Does the Earth Orbit the Sun?

12 Nov 2016: Pamela Gales Conrad (GSFC)
Sizing up the Planetary Neighborhood: Why are Earth and Mars so Different?

11 April 2015: Timothy Rodigas (Carnegie DTM)
High Resolution Views of Planets and Disks

8 Mar 2014: Elizabeth Hays (GSFC)
Cosmic-ray Protons from Supernova Remnants

8 Feb 2014: Holly Gilbert (GSFC)
Our Dynamic Sun

12 Oct 2013: Sarah Brown (NCA)
The Back Door to Astronomy

11 May 2013: Brett Denevi (JHUAPL)
MESSENGER's Surprising Images of Mercury

Videos from other meetings

18 June 2013: Betsy Beise (UMD)
The Matter of Our Matter: Tales from Nuclear Science @ Mid-Atlantic Senior Physics Group, American Center for Physics
??????: Paul Butler (Carnegie DTM)
Extrasolar Planets @